Old Man

by Four Pharaoh

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An evolving collection of EPs and songs. Download the album and get individualized tracks of the EPs, the unified EP track, all of the individual songs, and maybe a little extra. New music will be added as it's recorded.

OLD MAN - an EP about aging

BOOYA, YIA YIA - a song written/recorded for my grandmother the night I found out she was dying

MERRITT - an EP based off of Derrick Hart's Merritt drum stem


released October 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Four Pharaoh New Paltz, New York

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Track Name: Oldman
"it's the old man who knows himself
but it's the young man who is free,"
she whispered and waited for me.

when i die, will the world stop haunting me?

What does it mean,
silly little notion?

My thoughts are not my own
just watch them come and go
sit back, enjoy the show
applaud and head on home
and to the darkest endeavor
you could ever dream
into the darkness and never-
ending fantasy

I'm solo

I've got these bloody regrets
I've got these rosy what-ifs and should-have-saids
but, no-matter what,
no-matter what,
I see red.

When the sun turned to shade
And the breeze began to braid
When the night turned to noon
Under a bright blue moon
I saw you

bury me under, my wonderful lover
and ooh, please forgive me
my forgiveness was a fallacy
inner peace, such a delusion
a confused conclusion

now ooh! Please cut me up!
Burn me up for me!
Please cut me up!
Skip the Eulogy.

now ooh! Please cut me up!
Burn me up for me!
Please cut me up!
End this fantasy.

now lay me down
for my comfort
or spread me around
like love and hunger
all over the ground
once my body's burned
let me be found
in wind and water

When you've found me from your window sill
I've fallen down again

When you see me from your window sill
just come on out!

Reject your reflection!

I wish I could apologize for turning you off by turning you away
I wish I could say, "I'm sorry;" but, I guess we'll go our own two ways
Oh, how I wish I could stay

I'd let you take it so far I won't remember
I'll lay back and disassociate from my life
my self and everything I've always been
ain't no more; it's been reduced down to nothing
no thing lives here anymore
my body's just a vessel and my mind was just a metaphor
a cliche to clue me in
and pull me in and hold me close to you